MULTI award-winning BenRiach Distillery in Speyside has today (7th June 2016) launched a peated expression of its Single Malt Scotch Whisky matured in quarter casks. Its makers hail it as “a peaty fruit bomb”.

The BenRiach Peated Quarter Cask single malt is the first product to be launched after the parent company was taken over by Brown Forman at the end of April.

This innovative release revives the once-obsolete tradition of using smaller “Quarter” casks to give greater intensity of maturation.

Unusually for a Speyside distillery, this BenRiach expression is distilled from peated malted barley. The spirit is then matured fully in superlative quarter casks before being bottled at 46% abv.

A smaller cask, such as the quarter cask, allows for more interaction between the wood and the spirit, giving the whisky a great depth of flavour and aroma in a shorter period of time.

BenRiach Peated Quarter Casks - bottle in front of tube TRANSPARENT
 – Bright summer gold.

Nose – Elegant waves of wood smoke intensify to burning heather with a delicious contribution of ripe orchard fruits. Subtle hints of peaches, cinnamon sugar and a slight herbal note of fresh barley give an added contrast to the unique, rich peat character.

Taste – Intense peat smoke mellows to smouldering peat embers infused with green pear and nectarine notes. Nutty oak and vanilla pods combine with a touch of white pepper and a twist of lime to give a crisp, smoky finish.

Sales Director Alistair Walker said: “Smaller casks mean bigger whisky. Using quarter casks allows the intensity of the spirit to shine through by speeding up the maturation process. In this fantastic new expression, the peat combines with the hints of pear and peach to produce an extraordinary fully-flavoured dram.”

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