Benriach x BlockBar

In partnership with BlockBar, an online platform for buying and trading NFTs from luxury wine and spirits brands, Benriach is set to launch its inaugural NFT on 11th October. The NFT features two of our oldest Benriach limited editions - The Forty and The Forty Octave Cask Matured, which celebrate the eclectic and rich style of Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Owners of the NFT will receive a digital expression of the set with the opportunity to receive the physical bottles, along with an invitation to an exclusive immersive experience at Benriach Distillery.
Benriach The Forty
Benriach The Forty Octave Cask Matured
Benriach Inaugural NFT Release
Benriach Inaugural NFT Release
Finessed over forty years

At Benriach, we possess some of the oldest casks of peated whisky in Speyside, and a rare selection has been expertly married into the recipe of this exceptional single malt.

Drawing upon decades of experience, our Master Blender Rachel Barrie has skilfully combined some of our rarest malt to create Benriach The Forty. Fine bourbon casks made from American oak have gradually developed exquisite notes of honeyed pomelo and ripe stone fruits. This intricate character is interwoven with dark notes of chocolate, rich plum, and smooth walnut from port casks sourced from the Douro Valley in Portugal.

The result is the ultimate expression of our signature, luscious, fruit-laden style.

Creative curation of cask

With our commitment to excellence, Benriach spirit was laid down on 14th October 1976 and was moved into three octave casks on 16th June 2011 for a final maturation. Octave casks are an eighth the size of a butt, and these three were crafted from the staves of refill and first fill American oak bourbon casks. With such a small size cask, the ‘angel’s share’ of whisky is higher, as if maturation is happening at a faster rate.

The Octaves is now presented as an exceptionally rare, limited release. It is the finest example of Benriach aged with creative consideration, showcasing a sublime interplay of indulgent orchard and dark fruits, and a flawless silken oak finish. It is a fine testament to our cask expertise and history of creativity.

Benriach Inaugural NFT Release