Our Whisky Range


Our Special Edition range tells the deeper story of historical process and eclectic flavour that define Benriach Single Malts. Malting Season celebrates the traditional methods dating back to the early days of the Benriach Distillery. Smoke Season stretches our capabilities as a Speyside Single Malt Whisky as we venture outside the traditional flavours of the region. And lastly, our Cask Edition tells a different story with each offering from some of the most individual and unique cask types. All together, these special editions enable us to creatively explore the full flavour possibilities of Benriach.

A Taste From The Past

MATURED In Eclectic Casks

At Benriach we believe we are the sum of our experiences - the product of the people, places and influences that shape us as we journey through life. It is true of us, and true of our whisky. Matured in our eclectic cask selection from around the world, our whisky benefits from the array of flavour and character those casks embue it with. The result is a richly multi-layered and distinctive Speyside single malt.